Lonavala :
First of all, thank you for coming to this great tourist spot : Lonavala and a Hearty Welcome. We always like the place, the town or the city where we live. We have a soft corner for it; there is a feeling of love for the place. Man was created from the nature. Nature has adopted man right from the beginning. Nature accompanies us in its different manifestations. Hence this nature is our friend. And any place that receives nature's bounty becomes a well-known place Lonavala is one such place where nature is present in all its splendour. Lonavala has become famous because of nature's gift. Lonavala has been blessed with valleys, hills, Milky WaterFalls, Lush Greenery and pleasant cool winds. This region full of natural beauty is a friend and we all are proud of it. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this place. Lonavala is an epic poem created by God. Beautiful mountain ranges trying to reach the sky are sites that please the human mind and give an experience of heavenly pleasure. The morning sun rising over here appears as if it is sprinkling rose water all over. Chirping birds gently awaken oneself and all of this makes it a really Good Morning. The whole place is covered with a thick blanket of fog early in the morning; this is how the day begins here.

Khandala :
Khandala neighbours Lonavala. Although is comparatively small, it is equally blessed with natural beauty and bounty. Deep valley on one side and high hills on the other side divide Khandala and Lonavala. Luckily, modern industrialisation has not adversely affected Khandala. Whenever a tourist visits Lonavala he also wishes to visit Khandala. While travelling on Mumbai Bangalore National Highway, one has to cross the arduous Khopoli - Khandala Ghat. This is the famous Borghat. In a short distance of 8 Kms one has to climb a height of 369 meters. This is a difficult Ghat to climb. But once you reach here, you feel that this climb has been worth the trouble. Khandala is One place where you will fall in love at First Site. In fact this is exactly the reason that we feel must have inspired the makers of the movie "GHULAM" to include a song "AATI KYA KHANDALA" in their movie which has created huge waves throughout India. Also, Lonavala and Khandala are full of tourist practically for the whole year. Main reasons for this is the fact that it is very close to Mumbai, so people from Mumbai find it very convenient other reason is that the passengers travelling to south India or returning from there also pass through, making this place a busy spot. And the natural beauty of Lonavala & Khandala makes one forget the fatigue of the journey. Being at a considerable height from sea level, these two places enjoy a cool climate. That is why many people stay here for a month or more during summer and winter. Many people make it a point to visit during the weekends to forget the Big City Blues





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